Medic-CE New Course Update: Cardiology IV

Medic-CE is excited to announce the release of the recently revised Cardiology IV – Dysrhythmias course in our EMS self-paced course library collection.  As a pre-hospital practitioner, we hinge our abilities heavily on our skills in the craft of emergency medicine.  ECG interpretation is no different.  This course revision provides just that for the provider.  It aids to refresh in ECG interpretation from the history all the way through the ability to quickly identify and appropriately treat the patient.  Medic-CE has updated this course to match the latest sciences in cardiovascular care and has a course geared specifically for both the BLS and ALS provider respectively. Within the course are interactive components that engage the learner and their memory in ECG interpretation.

For more information about this course or any other course or program offered by Medic-CE, call us at 1-877-458-9498 or visit our website at

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