Medic-CE Platform Enhancement: Past Due & Failure Management

Medic-CE is committed to providing the very best continuing education, through both our learning management training platform and our EMS and Fire-CE courses. As part of that mission, we’re continually improving our user experience by updating the LMS tools and the learning experience we provide. The failure management & past due assignment enhancement will allow your departments ability to manage your staff more efficiently right from the assignment.

Here’s a quick summary of the changes:

  • Failure Management:  Your department can now manage a student failure right from the assignment.
  • Past Due Assignment:  Your department can now manage a students past due assignment and notification right from the assignment.

We hope these changes will help improve your continuing education efforts no matter the size of your agency or department. If you need help, please contact your Client Manager or contact us at or 877-458-9498.

Thank you for trusting Medic-CE.




Judson Smith, MHA, Paramedic

Vice President of Continuing Education



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