Texas Jurisprudence Exam – Why you need to know the rules

By: Judson Smith, MHA, Paramedic

As a healthcare provider, it is important to not only know clinical medicine and be recognized as part of the healthcare delivery system, but also understanding the regulatory rules that govern our profession are just as important to our success as a clinical provider and recognition as a more relevant part of the delivery system.  Physicians, Nurses, even Massage Therapist in the State of Texas, are required to take a proficiency review and exam to ensure they know their regulatory requirements that govern their profession in the State of Texas.

So, why is the great State of Texas requiring this test? It is pretty simple. They want you to know the rules of your profession.

As of September 1, 2017, all certified EMS providers at all levels will need to complete an approved jurisprudence review and exam course along with your regular continuing education requirements and be able to show successful completion of that review prior to re-certifying in the state of Texas.

One big difference between this exam compared to other professions in Texas is that The Texas Department of State Health Services offers a different and more unique approach to this review/exam.  As long as the continuing education provider is accredited in the State, the State of Texas will allow the exam to be offered. Online Providers such as Medic-CE have this regulatory review at no cost to you and is available in your EMS Course Library on Medic-CE.  Medic-CE has developed the course curriculum based off of the State of Texas learning objectives. The course is made to ensure that you successfully pass the requirement while understanding the rules that govern your profession in Texas.

Why choose Medic-CE for your jurisprudence exam?

  1. Medic-CE is an approved CE provider in Texas.
  2. Medic-CE offers the review and exam for free!
  3. This course is a self-paced course which means you can review the content at your pace.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-458-9498 or email at mcesupport@medic-ce.com.

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