Medic-CE Makes it Simple to Create Training Plans

Training Plans is a new feature available in Medic-CE that allows department educators to better manage training for their staff. With just a few clicks, you can assign a group of courses to specific users over a designated period of time. This means your students get the right training when they’re ready for it.   

“Training Plans is a useful tool because it makes it so easy to assign a group of courses to the people who need it. You no longer have to manage hundreds of individual assignments. Plus, departments can create as many plans as needed to manage training for their staff.”  

Judson Smith, Medic-CE vice president

The concept is simple:

  1. Pick a training plan type (EMS, Fire or OSHA) and name your plan
  2. Assign a start date and due date
  3. Choose the courses that are part of the training plan
  4. Assign the training plan to those who need it (filter based on location, job title, etc.)
  5. Activate the plan

Students will automatically receive a notification when courses are available to them within the Training Plan. Administrators also have the ability to measure how much of the plan a student has completed compared to a certification renewal or other Training Plans that have been assigned.

To get started with Training Plans, contact your client manager to add this feature to your account.

Additional Medic-CE Updates

The release of Training Plans is just one of many enhancements that Medic-CE has released during the last 12 months. Here are a few of the other notable updates:

  • Add/Remove User: Educators can add/remove personnel and assign user roles for their staff without reaching out to a client manager.
  • Upload New File Types: Administrators can upload new file types in a responsive display for end users to take specific course content in different delivery models.
  • Auto Save Exams: Department educators can build exams and use the auto save feature to ensure students won’t lose any progress.
  • EMS Progress Report: The report now track completions specific to a state and or national license to meet the new NCCP requirements for the BLS and ALS provider.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Library: This new library of courses allows departments to stay compliant with OSHA requirements and many city/county municipality HR departments.

For more information about Training Plans Module or any of the new enhancements, please contact us today or Request A Demo.

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